Social Bureau is a Decentralized, Community-Oriented, Moral Justice Technology Platform based on Ethereum and Optimism. This platform intends to give victims of both traditional crime and cybercrime the opportunity to look for moral justice and the possibility of recovering their stolen assets or damages.


Social Bureau is built on the foundation of cyber community engagement, utilizing AI and Blockchain technology, to find the best possible solution for victims of traditional crime and cybercrime throughout the globe, through the careful measuring of evidence. Victims can file their cases, post bounties, resolve disputes, and utilize information from cyber-investigators on our platform. The public can creatively discuss a social issue of interest for fact-finding or to find a consensus without fear of being identified with their real identities.

Social Bureau Features

Crime Prevention

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Crime Suppression

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Dispute Resolution

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Victim Compensation

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Victim Relief

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Business and Trademark Registration

Road Map

2021 Q3

☑ Building up the concept
☑ Website
☑ Launch a close beta

2022 Q3

☐ Find VCs and partnership
☐ Presale
☐ Launchpad

2022 Q4

☐ Crime Report (Beta test)
Bounty Hunting (Beta test)
Background Check (Beta test)

2023 Q1

☐ Smart contract auditing
Token listing
☐ Official launch
☐ Background Checks
☐ Crime Report
☐ Quality Vote

2023 Q2

☐ Zero-Knowledge Proof (Inspector)
Bounty Hunting
☐ On-chain Licensing Verification
☐ Suspect Identification
☐ Community Court (Beta test)
☐ Community Consensus (Beta test)
☐ Case Settlement (Beta test)

2023 Q3

☐ Community Court
☐ Community Consensus
☐ Case Settlement
☐ Fundraising and Donation (Beta test)
☐ Reliable Business Guarantee (Beta test)


2023 Q4

☐ Fundraising and Donation
☐ Reliable Business Guarantee



social bureau team image

Sonny Fisher

Executive Advisor

Founder of Forus Digital Group

team member image

Mary Brennan

Executive Advisor

Co Founder and CEO of FORUS

Bum Gyu Lee image

Bum Gyu Lee

Executive Advisor

Medical Empire

social bureau team image

John Schachnovsky

Law Enforcement Advisor

Social Bureau Founder Image Pongbol

Pongbol Iemvicharana

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Tazz image

Tazz Nilmongcol

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Social Bureau Team Image

Thananon Ngoenthworn

Chief Technology Officer


What will I gain by joining the Social Bureau Community?
Members can receive rewards by participating in our features such as providing essential information, completing victim requested tasks, verifying task results etc. The amount of reward they receive will depend on their contribution.

As a victim, how long will it take for the community to complete the tasks that I have requested?
You can set a deadline to be met by our community of bounty hunters and verifiers. However, we encourage you to set a realistic deadline, depending on the complexity of the task you wish to be completed.

As a Bounty Hunter or Verifier, how will I receive my rewards?
You will receive rewards in the form of JANDRA (JUTC) and can be claimed after you have completed your tasks or verifications, depending on your role. The rewards will then be automatically transferred to your wallet.

How do I clear my name from the Social Bureau blacklist?
You can clear your name after you have settled your dispute with the victim or the individual that reported you. You can also file a counterclaim if you believe that the accusations were untrue.

What is Social Bureau Finance?
Social Bureau Finance is a decentralized financial platform running on the Binance Smart Chain and powered by A.I, that allows individuals to easily take part in the most secure form of decentralized exchange, liquidity pools, and yield farming, through the most reputable and acknowledged technology in the industry.

How can I be sure that my information will be secure?
We operate on blockchain based AI technology to ensure the security of victims, bounty hunters, verifiers and other users.

Will I be able to pursue my case through traditional judiciary channels if I am not satisfied with the verdict decided by the Community Court?
Parties utilizing the Community Court feature of Social Bureau need to agree to give up their rights to settle their disputes through any traditional judiciary channel before settling their dispute on the Social Bureau platform. Parties can only appeal the verdict through the Social Bureau platform.

What is Proof of Stake?
Social Bureau encourages users, voters and other contributors to provide truthful, accurate and credible information through careful measuring of evidence. Therefore, users who wish to participate in one of our many justice features, must stake their assets as proof that the information they provide or judgment they make is accurate and is made in everyone’s best interest in mind. This Proof of Stake discourages any bad actors that intends to provide false information or slander any particular person or party in a dispute. If, for example, the information they provided is proven to be false by our AI system and community network, then they will lose their Proof of Stake, and will receive a bad mark on their credibility score.

Other Questions